Monday, 20 April 2009

Welcome Little Zara@Peanut

So the last time i posted anything on this page was 4 August last year....ape mimpinya hari ni rasa nak menulis?!

I received the news at 5.20pm Malaysian time....A tiny little bundle of anugerah Allah arrived in Doha today, all of 3.135 kg of joy to Eez and Amin and may be Abang Ary!...Alhamdulillah! Baby and Mummy doing really well, i'm told...Alhamdulillaaah....

Been going back and forth between Flickr and Facebook, waiting for her photos...but i guess the happy Daddy has not had a free moment to get the photos up yet.

I should go to bed...Good night little Zara, it's morning really...will tell you all about how it feels to be your grandma next time!