Sunday, 20 April 2008

At the Golden Lounge

This is the fourth time in the same number of months I am making my way to Geneva. Not that I make a habit of posting something each time I am at the Golden Lounge, but tonight...or today, rather, it is different. I got to Sentral and was told my flight would be delayed ...leaving at 2 am instead of 11.40pm...that's the next day, actually! So I made my way slowwwly to the ERL and went to the money changer, count my chnge slowwwly and ever so slowwwly trudged to Terminal C and the lounge.
Then the long, long wait at the lounge. I had an open sandwich of shrimp and honey mustard, some guava juice...then mango salad, pickles and olives... then ordered a latte while watching all the goings-on around me...till I almost fell asleep.
All the flights have been called, the one to Paris, then to Rome then the one to Frankfurt...then the one to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Buenos Aires...Hey, I've been on this one before, on our way to Santiago Chile...and it was a totally horrible flight because some travel agent screwed our booking and we flew economy AAALLLLthe way...yup, that was the trip that made me experience the life of a contortionist!
Awww...even the flight to Narita, to Soul, to Shanghai have been called...I've even been to the relaxation room which I have never had the time to do before...first the full body massage, then the shiatsu I am all refreshed and relaxed...but still no flight to London Heathrow.
I really hope this is not the beginning or worse things to come...insyaAllah not...I have been apprehensive since booking this will be the very first time I am connecting to Geneva through Terminal 5...yup, how many thousand missing baggage and miserable passengers?...really, really hope BA has finally got their act together...teething problems should not last a whole month, right...KLIA did it in less than a month, I think. The Brits should be able to do better...but then again, KLIA is now the best airport in the world...
I think the flight is being called now...better post this and get going...don't want to be famous and have my name announced!
Good to be back on my own page! heheheh!