Monday, 4 August 2008

Almost Full Quorum

This feels rather strange, writing this post, i mean. It's the same feeling i had the last time i tried writing again after stopping for a couple of weeks; present case being four.

Well, a lot of things have been happening in the country, contributing to my getting nauseated by the antics of the players and the commentaries of most of the onlookers. In a way, i have been waiting for the nausea to subside before writing again, so the sick feeling in my stomach does not become too obvious. I would like to maintain a certain dignity here and not stoop to slander and vulgar language in my posts.

And life has been going on comme d’habitude for me.

Two Saturdays ago Chah and i were at the airport again, waiting for Eez and Ary to come home from Doha. We had to hurry from the car park as the flight had landed when we arrived at KLIA. But it was a long, long wait at the railings again, more so because i just could not wait to see my one and only grandson, Zachary.

Well, it took Eez a whole hour to come out through the glass doors at Arrivals. That must have been a major feat too, considering poor Eez was all alone, handling the suitcases, and of course Ary. All the placard men had gone and the meet-and-greet area was quite empty when i heard a child crying and saw this little head with rather sparse hair bobbing along the glazed part of the glass wall before reaching the doors. True enough, it was a very tired and grumpy Ary on the trolley being pushed by an equally exhausted Eez.

It took a couple of hours for Ary to do the salam with me, and a couple of days to run to me and give a High Five, or allow me to carry him. Getting reacquainted with Ary took so much longer than i thought it should as i kept disappearing to go to work, coming home only to find that it was well past Ary’s bedtime. First i had to work on that particular Sunday before the Green Room Briefing, then work into the nights for the rest of that week and the whole of this last one; a mad scramble to meet the MAD deadline.

This job as Government Servant, especially in guarding the country’s economic interest, is sheer hard work, contrary to what most people would like to believe. Sometimes, work even comes before family. So can you blame me for getting nausea attacks when irresponsible people behave in ways that would make us regress into oblivion?

Well, this weekend i semi-vegetated, just to recover. It has been a particularly nice weekend, really. Amin is finally home from Doha and with Eez and Ary, the three of them are back from Jelebu. We semi-celebrated Eez’s and Tok-tok’s birthday after JayJ got caught with the surprise cheese cake. And because Chah has gone diving again, we are only almost in full quorum!