Sunday, 6 July 2008

Search Your Hearts

Well, a whole week has passed, and the hearts have not been back. I don’t just want the new ones, i want the old ones back…OK, we’ll give it a bit more time….may be email those good people again…

In the meantime, thank you Cak, AG, Lee, TLady and Ka for visiting and leaving comments; thank you to those who left without a comment too, well may be next time, when you have time.

The feedjit has informed that unidentifiable non-my visitors to this page include ones from Metz, Lorraine, fr; Cambridge, Ma, us; Toronto, Ontario, ca; Cairo, Al Qahirah, eg and Norfolk, Va, us.

Sad to say, although they all sound quite familiar, and Min, Eez and Ary went to Cairo late last year; and i went here to see if I’d been to Norfolk; i have really only been to one of these places, i.e. Cambridge, Ma. Actually that is the place Quan, the twins and i stayed for an entire year, just over a decade ago.

Do I want to write about our life in Cambridge, Mass today? Oh it was a whole lifetime ago….may be next time.

Today i need to finish my Brief. It’s a long brief, yes this is a long brief, made longer because it has to be jargon-free and can be read and understood by non-practitioners.

What? Work on Sunday? Not a habit, just simple accountability and responsibility.

And that is not as much as i can commend most people with, these days, not even simple a&r. And the sad thing is, this absence of a&r is the very thing that is bringing shame, bringing this beloved country of ours down. I'm no so-po blogger so i'll let others do the talking while i can still contain my wrath.

In the meantime, search your hearts!
Well, see u in my next write!